Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here is the picture of the arches that I promise is called "Grid Iron" and measures 32x32 framed and either painting can be purchased at

It is Super Bowl Sunday and the Game is HERE!! The whole metroplex is going crazy and Jerry Jones is trying to break the attendance record for any Super Bowl game in his Super Sized gorgeous new stadium.

This is going to be my personal art blog but I had to start off with this news since it has been in the works for about 3 years. We even got all new superwide freeways through Arlington plus 2 new bridges over I-30 just to handle the traffic. We have had other huge events here and all went well so I think it will be just fine. Complaints have been rampant because we had an unusual week of wintry weather....including ice and snow that shut down all the schools for 4 days. We were all housbound and that was actually nice if the power didn't go out and you could still get on the internet!!! The problem is that they just picked the wrong week!! The week before this was gorgeous ...up in the seventies weather....and next week it will be back up there it's not our is the fault of the NFL schedulers!!!

I belong to an art group called "Canvas By Canvas" (also known as CBC)and we were showing some of the paintings we did of the superstructure of the stadium at the F6 Gallery Show in Lincoln Square this past week. It was a beautiful venue and lots of activities were planned because it the proximity to the stadium. The show was Thurs-Fri-Sat and Friday had to be canceled due to snow. Nancy Standlee , Karen Foster and I represented CBC last night to tell people about our paintings and it was a lot of fun. A local band called the "Spoonfed Tribe" performed and they had quite a follwing dancing to their unusual music....heavy on the drums and well performed.

Here is a our CBC painting that we did of the stadium (from a photo our photographer friend Dennis Hevia gave us to use) plus an abstact that we did of "The Arches"...the superstructure that opens and closes the roof. But, I understand the roof will be closed for the superbowl....for security I think ...they have helicopters hovering over and the commercial planes have to go around!!!